Imani Agape Voice of Hope

Upendo kwa watoto (providing care and love for the children in Kenya africa)  

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Dear Friend of Orphans

Imani Agape Children’s Home is a small seed that is planted on this earth, with hopes to grow in to a tree of strength and bear the fruits of hope to the children of Kenya.  I realized it would take the whole community to network together for the common goal to make a difference in the life of the next generation. For that reason, we are seeking more dedicated souls who will join with us, who will walk with us, and who would like to make a difference in lives of orphans in Kenya. With this in mind we have started an orphan’s friends club that’s guarantees to make a world of difference for my 34 orphans we are currently taking care of.


Being a member of the orphan’s Friends club you can help combat the urgent basic needs facing the children of Imani Agape— without putting a dent in your pocketbook. All you have to do is join the orphans club today and give a small monthly gift of £15.


Every month we need money for the standard costs in the orphanage. The kids need enough healthy food and drinks, the right medical care, clothing, shelter and school supplies. Also we need to pay the rent and utilities and of course give the staff a little money.


To start with membership please send an email to and we will gladly help you start.

What will the member receive?
You’ll put less stress on your wallet — small monthly donations are easy to manage, and make a big impact.

You’re providing reliable funds that allow Imani Agape home to respond quickly to emergencies and make sure that the children are well fed every day.

You’ll receive monthly updates and accounts about how your donations are being used.
You can visit the kids anytime of the year you wish.


Of course, we do believe that your prayers can make a difference.  We ask that you pray for:
The help and happiness of the children and staff at the orphanage.
The future success of the children as they grow and learn and become future leaders of Kenya as well as future parents and role models to others.
The peace, safety and just reward for all those working so hard to make a difference in the life of a child in Kenya and throughout the world.

You can also help us in making one time financial donation.  Our goal is to have stable revenues available to the orphanage 100% of your donation will go towards.  
You can make that goal a reality. Just contact us is you just want to make a onetime donation.





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                                                   Imani Children


To reflect the love of christ for Africa by rescuing children in crisis, nurturing them, with quality holistic care and introducing them to the transforming power of Jesus christ so they are enabled to instill hope in others while taking care of both HIV/AIDS and NON Aids orphans



To reflect the love of christ by Rescuing suffering children in crisis.


It is the purpose of this children's institution to affiliate with other organizations, churches, individuals worldwide, whom has the passion of helping the children whom are without hope and means of support.


The orphanage is located in Nyakorere sub-location near Nyakorere Primary School, Nyakembene Location, Nyamarambe Division, South Mugirango Constituency Kenya East Africa.