Imani Agape Voice of Hope

Upendo kwa watoto (providing care and love for the children in Kenya africa)  

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SPONSORING A CHILD.Sponsoring a child from the orphanage is a wonderful way to show how much you care and at the same time provide stability for the children. $ 30- $ 40 a month can help not only to provide food, clothing and education for the children but also contribute to improving and developing their immediate environment. We hope that by gaining financial support for the current orphans, we will be able to improve the quality and range of care we provide and hopefully expend to accommodate the growing number of children who are waiting to live at Imani Agape.


Shortly after signing up to sponsor a child, you will receive a welcome pack c
ontaining information about the child that you are sponsoring including a photograph and details of their background.

You will then receive regular updates on the orphanage and your sponsored child every 3 months. You can also write to your child, which will help to improve their English as well as allowing you to learn about the child you are helping and the environment in which they live. Christmas and birthday are also a nice opportunity to communicate with your sponsored child


If you want to make a diffence to the lives of these children, then all you have to do is complete the sponsor a child registration form. This asks for some details about you. If you have any specific requests about a child that you sponsor (i.e. gender) please let us know and we will try to accommodate your wishes.

You can receive updates via post or email, please advice which way you would prefer on the registration form.

I hope that you can help the children at Imani Agape. If you are not able to donate $ 30 - $ $40 a month yourself, why not share a sponsorship with a partner, family member or a friend.  We cannot eliminate the problems in Africa that causes these children to be orphaned ourselves, what we can do however is make a difference to the lives of these children and make their futures brighter.