Imani Agape Voice of Hope

Upendo kwa watoto (providing care and love for the children in Kenya africa)  

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Voice of Hope, welcome all people from different places to join hands in serving and changing the lifes of these children. Any one will to help is welcomed to help us he/she likes. You can help in our projects that we have in mind. or towards the development of Voice of Hope.


Also we welcome volunteers from every corner of the world to come down here to Kenya Kisii and help serve the children. We welcome skilled and non skilled volunteers. We welcome volunteers that are Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, that can work with construction, and other that do any kind of work that voice of hope does.

Volunteers from all occupation are welcomed at Voice of hope. This includes local and international students from High School, Colleges, Universities, as well as professional social workers to lend their services pro-bono to come and chat with the children, play with them, share stories, songs and any other more to the children. We welcome all to come and show love to these children to making them feel as part of the community. This will make them fell loved and cared as being like any other children in the society.



Typical Duration of Program: 2 weeks – 12 months

Dates: Throughout the year

Description: Join and help Orphans in need! Teach them English, play games, play sports, counseling, helping orphanage staff and more. We work with the needy orphans... Come and experience what life is beyond the square you live in!

What kind of skills require for this placement:

You will need to be flexible, and have patience, compassion and enthusiasm to face the many hurdles and challenges that you will inevitably encounter within your role. To ensure that you get the most out of and contribute fully to your placement, a pro-active attitude is essential. Volunteers at this orphanage must have, above all, a love of children and a commitment to the project.

Your role as a volunteer:

The orphanage requires extra pairs of hands to help with the day-to-day running of the project, so you will be expected to assist with cleaning, cooking and serving food to the children. You will also help to provide a basic education for the children, by organizing Physical Education / Sports lessons and teaching English. You may also be required to assist the staff in counseling the children.

Program Location:

Our orphanage project is based in Rural parts of Kisii Gucha South District Nyanza Province. There are shops, banks & Internet cafes nearby 2hrs drive away from the orphanage. Volunteers stay in the orphanage orphanage.
Working Hours: Flexible 20-30 hours per week (Monday-Friday)
Who Can Volunteer: Anyone from 18-65 years
Language Required: English

Experience : No